Input Dimensions and Weight of the Part (Required)
Length Width Height Material Type Weight
(Unit Conversion: 1 inch = 25 mm, 1 pound = 450 gram)
Input Mold Structure Parameters (We have already chosen the typical parameters).
Number of Cavities:
Surface Complexity:
Protrusions from main body? (comparing to an even surface)
Special Structure:
Etch graphic pattern on the mold?
Number of parting surfaces:
Many Fins?
Number of Mold Insert/Sliders:
Complexity of Inserts:
Molding Machine Tonnage Calculation (Optional, we have already chosen the typical parameters).
Formation Pressure (details)
Addtional Casting Area ( runners,gates...)
Wedge angle of Side Slider α
Shadow Area of Side Sliders
Extra Cost for Unit Production Complexity: