Injection Molding Factories

  • Mengsheng Plastic Mould
    independently accomplish product design, mold manufacturing, product processing and post processing packaging such one-stop service system. Major in auto mould, home appliance mould, back door mould, door fittings mould, commodity mould

  • Dongguan Universe Plastic
    a professional manufacturer of Plastic injection mold, plastic parts & custom plastic products

  • Guantong Plastic Mould
    over 350 experienced staffs, including 10 experienced mold design engineers, 2 senior technical design engineers, 30 3D molding programmers and 16 technicians, a leading manufacturer in mold production / injection in China.

  • Huachang Plastic Product
    specialized in molds of all sorts of plastic, rubber and die-casting and we also provide custom-design and machine various plastic products

  • Hualong Mould & Plastic
    not only mold design and making, but also product design and making can be done easily,major in common plastic parts, robot parts,special instrument case and Auto Parts Series

  • Jingzheng Mould Factory
    produced mould for U-PVC pipefitting, PVC corrugated pipefitting, PP-R pipefitting, PE pipefitting, PP collapsible pipefitting, sewage fitting and household products.

  • Jinmatai Plastic Mould
    specialized in designing and making Auto parts mould, Baby carrier mould, Commodity mould, Car safety seat mould and products.

  • Sheng Kangda Appliances
    specializes in injection, tooling and product design

  • Insight Molding And Plastic
    specialized in injection mold design, injection plastics,major in plastic panels for DVD, phones, printers, mobile phones and PDA, plastic parts for the car

  • Roc Plastic Factory
    different areas of injection plastic parts designing and manufacturing, major in household products, industrial parts, baby/pet safety products, home appliance parts and office parts

  • LiChang Plastic Products
    specializing in manufacturing plastic products for cosmetics, packing parts, auto parts, electrical plastics.

  • South Mold Plastic
    a leading automotive mould-maker and manufacture from small (<10T) to large size (10T- 60T) automotive molds for customers.Like Interior and exterior just Bumper, Grille, Instrument Panel, Door Panel, Console, ABC pillars.

  • Lijing Mold Plastic
    specializes in precision and small-to-medium size plastic parts and injection mould, for electronic products, industrial products, auto parts, aerospace, medical device, household product, home appliance.

  • Abery Mold & Plastics
    specializing in making plastic injection molds and plastic parts,In-Mold decoration

  • Shenqihao Plastic Injection
    a manufacturer of plastic injection mold with strong plastic injection mold design force and rich experience in mold manufacturing,like custom Plastic Part,Injection Molding,Plastic Hang Tab,OEM Plastic Injection Parts Service,Plastic Flower Pots Planters

  • Sunwer Plastic Factory
    prototypes making, 3D design for parts and molds, tooling/mold making, polishing, volume production/molding, painting, plating, surface texture, heat treating, IML/IMD, assemble, pack and ship.

  • Fangheng Plastic Mould
    specialized in plastic injection mould designing and manufacturing.Commodity Mould, House Appliances Mould, Automotive Mould, Pipe Fitting Mould, Pallet Mould, Thin-wall mould, Preform and Cap Mould.

  • TCD Mould
    experiences mold produce factory,major in plastic injection moulds,plastic products, electronic product parts,household product parts,plastic garden tools.

  • Shiner Plastics Factory
    produces plastic parts for machining ,industrial,engineering,
    housewares,electronics ,consumer goods etc.

  • Shenxin Hardware Plastic
    specialized in designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds,hardware molds, high precision moulds, automotive, home &office appliances, medical and white goods