Production Equipment

Roto Molding:

Roto Molding is an extremely versatile process that manufactures hollow plastic products.It uses a heated hollow mold which is filled with thermoplastic. Then it is slowly rotated which makes the softened material to spread and adhere to the walls of the mold. The mold will continue to rotate all the time during the heating atage and to avoid sagging and deformation also during the cooling stage by which to maintain thickness of the part. Roto molding has particular advantages in terms of relatively low levels of residual stresses and inexpensive molds.Rotational molding is best known for the manufacture of tanks but it can also be used to make complex medical products, toys, leisure craft, and highly aesthetic point-of-sale products.

Typical Roto Product


public transit facility parts

Military parts

Entertainment/House parts

Environment parts

Floating parts

LED lampshade

Medical instrument

Sample Roto Mould