eMold.net was founded in year 2008 and is an ecommerce platform for mold industry. Business customers can use us to find mold makers in China and we manage and track the entire production process. Our strict ranking and scoring system allows us to only keep the best factories in our system,and clear out the incapable ones who don't keep their words.

eMold.net managed 60millions usd of transactions in year 2014,which includes 11 million dollars in molds and the rest in molded products.

Most of the molds made through us are Plastic injection molds and metal die casting molds,but we do offer many other mold products such as plastic roto mold,stainless steel investment mold.

Going forward,eMold will continue to develop expertise in the mold industry and is positioning to become the No.1 supply chain platform of mold in China

How to work with us?

1. You can post your RFQs online and there will be multiple factories bid for your order and you choose which one to work with.

2. For injection molds orders of less than $3000,we offer speedy order process where you can pay online and have production started right away for your order